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Stock Market Data

This class is available in-person, hybrid (in-person sometimes), or fully remote. In-person students will be subject to our COVID procedures.

Investing Basics

In Investing Basics, students learn everything from how the stock market works to the history and trends of the US economy to comparisons of global markets. 

Cost: $750

Per 5-week session. 

*Email us for groupwork or rental pricing at

All classes include 4 hours of instruction and up to 2 hours of virtual office hours weekly.

Two 5-Week Sessions: 

  • Session 1:

    • Sat/Sun: June 12 - July 11

  • Session 2:

    • Sat/Sun: July 17 - August 15

  • 7-8th graders: Sat/Sun @ 1-3 PM CST

  • 9-12th graders: Sat/Sun @ 9-11 AM CST

Complexity of course concepts increases with grade level.

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