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Meet Our Voices

Our tutors, counselors, and instructors are selected for their passion for working with students, ability to communicate effectively, and interest in the subjects they lead and instruct. At Fingertip Learning LLC, we have a common goal to help grow the interests of our students so that they have the opportunity to fully explore these topics.


Sanjna Batra


Sanjna is a CoFounder of Camp Quarankids (what is now Fingertip Learning) who now tutors students in coding, writing, and other subjects. When Sanjna is not in class or tutoring, she is playing her saxophone or participating in her High School swim team.


Pooja Venkatesh


Pooja is a tutor for Fingertip Learning and assists students with various topics, including science. She is a senior at Northwestern University, studying neuroscience. In her free time, Pooja does art and kick boxing.

Sanchita Teeka

Course Instructor

Sanchita is a senior in high school who instructrs students in public speaking, journalism, writing skills and other subjects. Outside of tutoring, Sanchita is an Opinion Editor for her school newspaper and loves participating in speech tournaments.

Sanchita Headshot.jpg

Anna Gerwig


As Anna pursues an MA in Publishing & Writing at DePaul University, she is always reading, writing, and editing. Her goal is to come alongside others as they write and communicate by developing their words and expanding upon their ideas. Anna is new to Chicago, and she's excited to establish a career in the publishing industry and assist others to share their stories and voices.

Anna Gerwin Headshot.jpg

Open Positions

We are always looking to grow our team and spread our passion for exploration to our students. Do you have a special skill you think others would enjoy? We'd love to hear about it! Are you looking to spread your knowledge to the next generation? Join us!


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