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About Our Program

Fingertip Learning strives to encourage, enrich, and engage students as they explore and endeavor towards their goals. We seek to provide a one-stop avenue and easy access to growing and fostering all interests your student might have.

Mission & Vision

Our ultimate goal is to provide easy, affordable access to quality instruction and a virtually infinite selection of courses and activites to all students. We strive to grow interests, feed creativity, and encourage passion.

  • Our class sizes are small to ensure individual focus and attention.

  • Our instructors are trained to apply key strategies which capture consistent student engagement.

  • Our curriculums are exclusive and specially constructed with our students in mind.


Fingertip Learning LLC was originally Camp Quarankids, a virtual summer camp designed to provide a reliable remote solution to the lack of in-person camp availability directly resultant from the COVID-19 pandemic. After being featured in the WSJ and steadily gaining interested students, Co-Founders Suruchi and Sanjna decided to rebrand to Fingertip Learning LLC. Their goal is to provide opportunities to young students to uncover and explore their passions.

Suruchi is an engineering graduate from Northwestern University and Sanjna is a current High School student. Now, Suruchi acts as Business Advisor of Fingertip Learning and Sanjna helps to lead Fingertip's career exploration podcast, "By Youth 4 Youth," which seeks to provide youth with access to knowledge and the opportunity for exploration. 

The Fingertip Learning Team now includes business advisors, instructors, marketing experts, and more as we continue to strive towards our goal of providing access and opportunity for students to discover and explore their passions.

Extended Learning Across  Subjects, Interests, and Topics

Fingertip Learning strives towards empassioning our students and allowing them the freedom and tools to explore any and all topics they are interested in. 

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