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3D Printer

This class is available in-person only. In-person students will be subject to our COVID procedures.

3D Printing

This course is designed to introduce students to materials science through the construction of a 3D printer and the exploration of items ultimately developed using the printer. In addition to building the 3D printer, students will complete a variety of projects using different materials and comparing their properties. This course will focus on building skills with an emphasis on creativity and critical thinking. 

Cost: $750 + materials ($600)


Per 5-week session.

Materials include construction components for the 3D printer and materials required for project work. No additional materials are required for Session 2 after attending Session 1 (i.e., the total materials cost for both sessions is $600).

*Email us for groupwork or rental pricing.

All classes include 4 hours of instruction and up to 4 hours of office hours weekly on Fridays.

5-week sessions:

Session One: June 7 - July 7*

Session Two: July 12 - August 11

  • 4-6th graders: Mon/Wed @ 9-11 AM CST

    • Open lab time/office hours on Fridays between 9 AM - 12 PM CST

  • 7-8th graders: Mon/Wed @ 1-3 PM CST

    • Open lab time/office hours on Fridays between 12 - 4 PM CST

  • 9-12th graders: Mon/Wed @ 3-5 PM CST

    • Open lab time/office hours on Fridays between 1 - 5 PM CST

Complexity of course materials increases with grade level.

*No classes on July 5th for Independence Day.

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